HUJI Cam : Turn your phone camera into a 35mm

This HUJI Cam app by Manhole Inc. is a blast and it's free! Install it on your iOS or Android (on android it’s called KUJI Cam!) phone and let the good times roll!

This thing is super simple to use -- it’s point and shoot with minimal settings. You open it up, and the first thing you see is HUJI’s logo slapped on a 35mm film canister and you can see why:

The entire premise behind this app is to re-create 35mm shots -- the super saturated blacks, random light leaks (that you can turn on or off), and spots of over-exposure, lens abberations and ridiculous colour depth.

I absolutely love it, and at this point, I’m sure my friends are tired of seeing every single photo I take go through this filter.

If you pay a small fee for the premium version, you can upload any photo into the app and run it through the filter.

Here are some more sample shots:

-- article by Alexander Tri